July 31, 2014

$50, 000.00 bail for two men involved in Soufriere drug bust

Yohan Flynn of Bath Road

Yohan Flynn and Craig Cochrane who were jointly charged with three other men including two Dominicans and one Vincentian on drug related charges were on Monday granted $50,000.00 bail each by Magistrate Ossie Lewis.

On 6th January, 2012 the police intercepted a Mitsubishi bus registration # PJ033 which was being driven by Yohan Flynn and accompanied by Gerard Germain and Irwin Miller a Vincentian national who had in their possession 10, 000 grams of cured Cannabis at Soufriere. The police also intercepted Craig Cochrane who was driving his Yamaha motorcycle registration # PF 350 and one open keeled boat which was being commanded by John Sylvester of Portsmouth during that same exercise in Soufriere.

All five men were detained and brought before Magistrate Candia Carette-George on January 9th, 2012 on five charges; Possession of Cannabis, Possession with intent to supply 10, 000 grams of Cannabis, Importation of Cannabis, Conspiracy to import Cannabis and Illegal entry. Irwin Miller pleaded guilty to all charges except the illegal entry charge which is an indictable offense and he is not required to plead, while the others pleaded not guilty.

Craig Cochrane of Upper Kingshill

Magistrate Candia Carette-George denied their application for bail based on Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes’ objection who stated that the Defendants could negatively interfere with the police investigations.

When the defendants; Yohan Flynn, Craig Cochrane, John Sylvester and Gerard Germaine re-appeared in Court on Monday to have their application for bail re-visited, Police Prosecutor Laudat did not offer any objections to their bail application thus Magistrate Ossie Lewis informed the defendants that bail is opened to them with a suitable surety.

Dorothy Bellot, an accountant employed at Carib Sand and Stone, stood as surety for Yohan Flynn. She told the Court that she has known the defendant for over 20 years he is her mechanic, her daughter’s boyfriend and the father of her grandson.

John Sylvester of Portsmouth

Ms. Bellot said she understands that her duty as a surety is to ensure that the Defendant adheres to the Court rules and that she will be held jointly liable if he fails to do so.

Vernelle Balson, the general manager of Subway Dominica and boyfriend of Craig Cochrane stood as his surety. She told the Court that she has sufficient control over the Defendant and can ensure that he attends Court on the stipulated dates and times.

Ms. Balson also told the Court that she has control over the Defendant and that he respects her and she will ensure that he adheres to the Court rules and bail conditions as she will be held liable.

Magistrate Ossie Lewis granted bail in the sum of $50,000.00 to both Flynn and Cochrane and ordered them to report twice per week every Monday and Wednesday at the Roseau Police Station between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

Gerard Germain of Bath Estate

He also instructed them that he should not involve himself in any criminal activity and that he should notify the police of any changes to his address. They were also warned that if they breached the conditions of bail that it could be revoked.

The trial has been scheduled for the 23rd of April, 2012.

Meantime, John Sylvester and Gerard Germaine did not have suitable sureties as declared by their attorney Wayne Norde and they were therefore remanded in custody for seven more days.

Irwin Miller’s matter has been set for later this week.

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