July 28, 2014

An alternate approach to Dominica’s development

Ronald B. M. Abraham

Dominica is a small country, as far as size goes, but, has been given many gifts by the Most High.

The objective of this paper is to place a set of ideas, that if followed, would, for the greater part, isolate Dominica from dependency, in the long term for grants and soft loans as following this approach would make Domini ca not only self sufficient but an exporter to a world forever on the lookout for sustainable sources.

In the short term Dominica would still need help but should now ensure that all help would be consistent with the national development plan allowing the country to even refuse help that does not further it’s goals.

I will therefore look at the gifts that Dominica have received and study and suggest uses in the long term national good, but first will clarify why I am doing it.

The good Lord has blessed me with the ability to “see” certain things clearly that is invisible to most people but He has not blessed me with an abundance of money. I am advancing in years and even if I had the money could not do everything that I “see” so I have decided to share them in the public domain that others be it, government or other bodies or both could take them on board and implement for the benefit of Dominica.

I also realise that these ideas are bones and would require flesh added to become living realities.

There are many large organisations like GCC, which would fund these projects with the governments blessings, as grants within a national development focus.

This paper is not mean in any way to criticise anyone but to encourage all to develop Dominica, remembering that other countries may well implement some but since the market is large it is not a problem.

The links used are intended ONLY as a starting point to source information.

1. 12-14 hours of sunlight daily.
2. Water over 300 rivers.
3. Good fertile soil.
4. Large percentage of young persons.
5. Mountainous Terrain.
6. Sulphur Springs.
7. Steady Wind on the east coast.
8. Calm sea on the west and roughish sea on the east.
9. English language.
10. Good standard of average education.
11. Many Flowing Rivers.

1. 12-14 Hours of Sunlight.

a) Solar Thermal Electricity High power generation such as over 80 Megawatts as done in Spain.

b) Individual home power from Photovoltaic panels. (talk to Karol Phillip who is using one system in DA)

c) Solar heaters as is used by many for hot water in the homes.

d) Develop quality care homes for people from Overseas suffering bone density problems such as people from Scotland and Eastern Europe who do not get enough hours of sunlight.

e) Develop Solar dryers for fruits and nuts with the resultant industries selling dried packaged pumpkin seeds, dried Papaw seeds. Dried watermelon seeds, and many more now the craze in Europe and America.

f) Solar lighting devices for lights such as by the ports. There should be a national drive to have this all over the island and in individual yards and drives.

a) Breaking up water into it’s individual parts and using the H2( Hydrogen) component for cooking replacing gas as used presently with a sustainable natural gift. Replacing or reducing significantly the use of gasoline in vehicles by a slight modification or by the use of fuel cells which use hydrogen. The use of fuel cells can easily power a home with Electricity to over 10 kilowatts. This is already in use and on trials.

b) Provide national education on the use of water as a healing agent in body restoration such as two glasses before going to bed goes a long way to avoiding heart attacks during the night. Drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal aids digestion. Drinking a glass of warm water first thing in the morning improves health.

About 90% of heart attacks occur early in the morning and it can be minimized if one takes a glass or two of water NOT grog or beer before retiring in the evening. I knew water was important but I never knew about the special times to drink it. Did you??

c) Drinking water at the correct time.

d) 2 glasses of water after waking up – helps activate internal organs

1 glass of water 30 minutes before a meal – helps digestion.

e) 1 glass of water before taking a bath – helps lower blood pressure

f) 1 glass of water before going to bed – avoids stroke or heart attack

For more information consult local health practitioners this could improve the health of the nation and reduce loss of productivity.
There should never be a reason to import water.

g) Set up plants and factories for the massive export worldwide of water as clean drinking water is becoming a scarce resource world wide.

h) Develop widespread use of our lakes for recreation, after all we are supposed to have 365. Rafting, paddling rivers, kayaking, bathing, picnicking, and just relaxing sites.

i) Widespread use of water for irrigation of drier parts to ensure maximum food production.

j) Use of water for small community hydro plants as new technology uses much smaller heads of water for production.


It is been established that Dominica has very fertile soils as we all know it is not uncommon to spit out a seed and see a plant growing.

Food production. Dominica is able to produce a large range of foods. Scientists are now discovering that our local foods are very much higher in necessary minerals like potassium from Bananas, Our fresh coconut jelly water is rich in health giving goodness, our pawpaw, our coconut oil the new wonder drug for brain type diseases like Alziemers, Parkinson’s disease.

a) These are just a few but there are lots more, education in schools and media need to be done that our people become aware of our gifts in food.

b) Industries need to be set up again to produce coconut oil for local and International export as it is even better than virgin olive oil.

c) Industries need to be set up to can our foods to give our people at home and abroad foods in the way they have become accustomed.

d) A new industry to market our foods need to be set up.


a) As development progresses there will be an overwhelming need for skilled and unskilled labour, there will also be a need for people starting their own businesses in line with the many opportunities created by this new buzzing Dominica with such a large pool of young people our national services such as Dominica Social Services, hospitals, day care would quickly use up our pool of young people and allow immigration or repatriation of our vast resources of Dominicans overseas who are only too happy to return and contribute to the ongoing and energetic development of Dominica.


As the developed world continues with their craving for dangerous adrenaline pumping activities our terrain is ideal for the development of extreme sporting events. Did skiing on ice from mountainous slopes happen by themselves or were they developed?.
a) Cliff climbing.
b) Cliff to cliff skiing.
c) Wild animal hunting.
d) Cliff to river roping.
e) Mountain climbing.
f) Sustainable tram activities coupled with other events.


a) Generation of high Megawatt output of electricity. This is getting national emphasis and is to be encouraged. This coupled with Solar thermal and wind will cause Dominica to be an exporter of electricity instead of what pertains now when the customers are subsidising the production of electricity to the point that if that subsidy (fuel surcharge) is removed the Company would make a massive loss. These developments would insulate Dominica from high fuel costs, provide many jobs and improve significantly the economic wellbeing of the nation.

b) Development of some springs for leisure activity as is presently the case now, however there would need to be strict controls to ensure health and safety is paramount.

c) Investigation on healing aspects that some springs could become health spas.


a) Production of Electricity. There is a small pilot project in Delice area that has been working continuously for many years. There is also a larger one working in Rosalie. Wherever there is a steady supply of wind creates the potential for generation of large amounts of Electricity, as stated earlier Dominica could create a large excess supply for our own needs but our neighbours are constantly in need of more, working in favour of the nation.


a) The calm sea on the west coast provides many opportunities for leisure activities.

b) This also enables our fishermen a large stock of fish, however as other areas are overfished our waters will need to be patrolled to protect our boundaries and fish stock. Fishermen must develop packaging and refrigerated facilities to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fish to meet the expanding market that would ensue from the development strategies.

c) The rough seas would enable a surfing market to be created as in Bathsheba in Barbados.


This is a valuable asset as English is the language of business.
a) Call centres for UK, USA and Canada.
b) Telemarketing centres.
c) Tutoring of children in maths, biology, sciences.( This is presently being done largely by India)


Dominica has a large pool of educated unemployed youth and others that could easily be exploited in attracting business after proper due diligence is done.
a) Offshore assembly of parts and sub-assemblies such as wiring looms for vehicles and aircraft.
b) Equipment assembly factories.
c) Data entry of forms for large companies overseas.


a) Fresh water fish farming.
b) Quarrying of sands and stones for local use and export.
c) Establishing bathing pools with bar and restaurant facilities including adequate lighting for expanding the use to night-time also.
d) Building of water containment dams to harness some rivers for exportation of water.


The present population of Dominica is smaller than even some moderate factories in the developed world and should present no difficulties in becoming a prosperous nation.

It requires creative thinking, which we have. It requires a change in attitude to work, remembering there is no disgrace in honest toil.
It requires creative Government policies with regards to receiving foreign aid.

It requires a creative Government policy on incentives not tied to partisan support as in this small society our daughters and sons in law may well turn out to be children of our enemies in the past.

I put these ideas out that many people may be inspired to buy into the concept for turning a small state to a profitable sustainable one and who knows even possibly into a player on the world scene.

To God be the glory.

Ronald B. M. Abraham


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