August 28, 2014

Cancer patients advised to take care of themselves

Beulah Providence is a patron of the Dominica Cancer Society

Beulah Providence is a patron of the Dominica Cancer Society

Beulah Providence, patron of the Dominica Cancer Society, has admonished cancer patients here to take exceptional care of themselves as a cancer diagnosis does not equate a death sentence.

Providence, a Dominican residing in the US and cancer survivor admonished cancer patients that it is also critical to follow the advice of their doctors closely.

“I am a cancer survivor because of early detection,” Providence revealed at a workshop organized by the Dominica Cancer Society earlier this week.

The important thing is “taking care of your body and following the instructions of how to take care of yourself”.

“Sometimes, days gone by when you hear cancer you think you’re dying but it’s not always the case – early detection saves lives”.

Providence explained that it is because she followed the instructions of her doctor that she is alive today.

“You can help yourself with good diet and take care of yourself,” she emphasized and committed to continue working with the Dominica Cancer Society as she hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

“I am very pleased to see that today we have a workshop where we can educate people about what it means and how important it is to be a survivor and also to help another person,” Providence stated.

The Society in collaboration with Healthy Caribbean Coalition Inc., Australian AID and the Ministry of Health conducted the third in a series of four workshops this week through the Caribbean Civil Society Cervical Cancer Prevention Initiative (C4PI).

The aim is to train a cadre of district-based volunteers who can provide psychosocial support for women and families affected by cervical cancer.

The final training for participants of the Portsmouth and Marigot Health Districts will take place on April 23, 2014 while participants from the Grand Bay and St. Joseph health districts were trained on April 11, 2014.

According to the Ministry of Health, between the period 2006 to 2012, there were ninety-six (96) reported cases of cervical cancer on island.

The statistics also reveal that those who succumb to the disease are usually within the age range of 25 to 65, representing the most productive sector of society.

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  1. Tina Alexander says:

    Beulah Fagan Providence is an inspiration, she encourages women to examine themselves and get their check ups every opportunity she gets and has been a great encouragement to the Dominica Cancer Society. She is leading the way in Boston with her fundraising….we hope that Dominicans all over the world will follow suit.

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