July 24, 2014

Council demolishes dilapidated houses in Roseau

One of the demolished building on Great George Street adjacent to Jolly’s Pharmacy

One of the demolished building on Great George Street adjacent to Jolly’s Pharmacy

The Roseau City Council has embarked upon a project which is believed will improve the beauty of the City.

As part of that project, several dilapidated buildings have been demolished as part of initiatives to rid the City of unsightliness and rodents.

“We are now going out vibrantly to ensure that those dilapidated houses are broken down and the owners themselves would have to take care of those properties, to ensure that whatever they do would not affect the development of the City,” Mayor of Roseau Cecil Joseph said.

Three abandoned rodent-infested buildings have been demolished thus far; one on Great George Street and two on Kennedy Avenue.

One of properties which was demolished on the corner of Kennedy Avenue (upstairs)

Part of this building on the corner of Kennedy Avenue was demolished (upstairs)

“We’re also going to be looking at open spots where we have seen some rodents in some areas and we are now seeking for the owners of these properties. Once we can get the owners of these properties, I can almost guarantee you that you’re going to see something different,” he further stated.

The Council is seeking to get approval from the property owners to use these vacant lots as parking spots to alleviate the congestion within the City.

The Mayor also indicated that the Council has been working tirelessly to ensure that the City is clean, beautiful and accessible to all.

One of the greatest concerns and hindrance to obtaining that goal he noted, “is a growing phenomena” of getting people to pay their house and land rates on time.

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  1. Positive Vibes says:

    I pray that a deal can be reached between the council and the property owners.

  2. Rasta Mystic says:

    Good move , The City does need a makeover . Hopefully something can be done with the vacant spots .

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