August 20, 2014

Diaspora initiative helps 58 students with school supplies

Student receiving donation from volunteer, Clara Charles

A Dominican residing in the United States who saw the need to assist local students with stationary and organized a group for this purpose were able to donate school supplies to fifty-eight (58) students on Saturday.

Although the individual who formed the group School Supplies For Dominican Youth; (SS4DY) wishes to remain anonymous, they were able to enlist the assistance of several other Dominicans in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to volunteer in this worthy cause.

In July of this year, a website was launched where interested persons could log on and donate school supplies, money or clothes for needy children in Dominica.

The initiative targets students of the preschool, primary, secondary and college levels.

Preschool student receiving donation from one of the volunteer Clara Charles

One of the volunteers of the group, Cheryl Plummer told members of the press on Saturday that although the group was formed three months ago they were able to assist 58 children.

“This year we got fifty-eight (58) needy students, we got school supplies like books, pencils, crayons, crayoning books, pens and some lightly used clothes to donate to different students from all over Dominica”.

She explained that the only requirement for assistance is that the children are in fact enrolled in schools and are in need of assistance.

The group also intends to donate school supplies to students every term.

“This is the first official donation that we are making. We want to do it every school term so our next donation will be for the next semester in January… We have some stuff we got after we shipped the first set so hopefully for the next school term we will be doing something during the Christmas season”.

SS4DY is committed to the island and its education and would like for all proud Dominicans and others who have the passion to join this great venture to ensure that all Dominican youth have the necessary supplies to complete school.

Interested persons who would like to volunteer their time or make a donation to SS4DY can contact Plummer via telephone numbers (767) 295 4678 or 612 8927.

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