August 22, 2014

Laudat man blames alcohol for his behaviour

Red Cap rum known as “Mahaut Whiskey”.Photo credit:

A Laudat man charged for malicious damage of a government vehicle sought to use alcohol as a defence for his behaviour.

Angelo Dequental pleaded guilty to that charge at the magistrate’s court on Tuesday.

Information revealed in court indicates that on 2nd September, 2012 Dequental damaged the left front fender of government vehicle registration number GA 327 which is assigned to the Mahaut police station.

The damage to the vehicle was assessed at $450.00.

According to police prosecutor Claude Weekes the vehicle was parked in Mahaut and while the police officer was walking away from the vehicle, he heard a sound and noticed the defendant hitting the left front fender of the vehicle.

He was cautioned and taken to the Mahaut police station where a charge of malicious damage was instituted against him.

In mitigation, Dequental told magistrate Candia Carrette George; “I was drunk”.

She cautioned him that he should “stop” drinking and if he ever appeared before her again she would send him “straight to Stock Farm” [Prison].

He was ordered to pay compensation of $450.00 by 30th September, 2012 or spend two months in prison in default of payment.

Dequental was also fined $500.00 to pay by 30th November, 2012 or an additional two months in prison if he fails to make payment.

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