July 24, 2014

Local pornographic video goes viral

pornA police official has confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the source of a very explicit video which was posted on the internet.

The video which shows two young ladies engaged in sexual acts while two males look on giving instructions went viral after it was posted on Friday.

Police spokesman inspector John Carbon said that officials of the Criminal Investigations Department are seeking to identify the source and the persons involved.

The video has captivated the police’s interest as it involves students engaged in indecent acts.

This is a high court matter and is punishable by fourteen years imprisonment.

The men can be charged for procuring or inducing minors to have sexual intercourse under Section 18 of the Sexual Offences Act which is punishable by twenty five years imprisonment.

Mr. Carbon also refuted claims that one of the young ladies involved committed suicide at the weekend.

The video has also been posted on an international pornography website.

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