July 22, 2014

Paix Bouche Village Council observes Local Government Month

The Paix Bouche/Dos Dan Village Council has planned a series of meetings in observance of the month of activities to observe Local Government Month which began here on Tuesday.

They are teaming up with other departments of local government to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of local government month in Dominica.

Members of the community will be meeting at the Primary School and Hamlet of Paix Bouche schedule from 6 o’clock on Tuesday.

The purpose of the community meetings are to hear from villagers what their concerns are, assist the hamlets in conducting a needs assessment, review the 5 year development plan put together during the Paix Bouche/Dos Dane Reconnection held in 2008 and promote activities propose for local government month.

According to Deputy Chairman Hubert Remy, successful meetings have been held in Providence, Moore Park and Dos Dane.

“The Hamlet meetings have also accepted Hamlet representatives to assist the Council in the preparation of the Master Plan and other necessary action at the end of the exercise. The Council also met with the heads and leaders of denominational churches serving the Community. The objective was to begin a forum to address spiritual and social issues within the community and to seek their assistance in creating a Community Reflection meet as well as soliciting their support for activities for Local Government Month,” he said.

The activities organized by the Council for Local Government Month will be observed with the theme: “Each for all: Empowering People-Building Community” and includes a Community Reflection at 7.00 tonight.

The program also includes; Praise and Worship, Mediation on the life community and seeking Gods Intercession for the future

Other activities include a Fun Night, Market day, cross village walk through, domino festival, family social day and 5star Song Festival.

The observance will officially be declared open with a radio address by the Community Development Minister Gloria Shillingford.

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