July 22, 2014

Rabbit Festival 2014 still on

Rabbit Festival 2010 (Celia Sorhaindo photo)

Rabbit Festival 2010 (Celia Sorhaindo photo)

President of the Cochrane Village Improvement Committee, Ronaldson Piper has confirmed to Dominica Vibes News that Rabbit Festival 2014 will take place whether or not the roads are repaired.

“It will go on, it will definitely go on.”

At a press conference on February 13, 2014 founding member and former chairperson of the National Rabbit Festival Committee Nelson Simon stated that with the worsening road conditions the Festival may have to be cancelled for the second year.

However Piper said the village improvement committee met on the evening of February 13 and decided to proceed with the festival.

He also revealed that Simon had resigned from his position as chairperson of the National Rabbit Festival Committee, adding that there were many reasons for his resignation.

Being a subcommittee of the village improvement committee, the rabbit festival committee is currently being chaired by the village improvement committee; members of the two committees will continue to work together to ensure Rabbit Festival 2014 takes place Piper explained.

Last year’s festival was called off due to deplorable road conditions and inadequate rabbit meat production, the committee reported. Simon also gave these same reasons at last week’s press conference.

However, Piper noted that the reasons given for the cancellation of the festival last year was not the complete story.

“I really don’t know where that came from because I never heard that the Rabbit Festival was postponed because of meat production and so forth”.

“For the past years we have been having Rabbit Festival, if we cannot source all the meat in our community…the people who cater, they get meat on the outside.”

Piper continued that he believes the committee was not prepared for last year’s rabbit festival and therefore called it off.

“I know I will get feedback on that but that is the truth – they were not prepared.”

He stated that letters have been written to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, Parliamentary representative for Cochrane, Dr Collin McIntyre as well as other stakeholders in hopes of meeting to discuss the development of the National Rabbit Festival as well as the road improvement.

Moreover, he said Cochrane roads are not “as bad as people would expect it to be” adding that it is possible for vehicles to drive on them as is done on a daily basis and that Rabbit Festival has been held when the roads were in worst conditions.

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  1. Bodger Babbit

  2. cochrane cry says:

    I can’t beleave a man from cochrane that drive on the roda every day sayin that, piper put politic aside an look at cochrane as a village that growing an need an want to grow,u thing the road good, ppl. Take a drive up to cochrane please to see the. Surface or the road an the areas with the taps that are underminding.piper u need to come again

  3. unknown says:

    What is piper talkin about,come on piper u know better then that,,we all know that lats year festival was put off becouse of the road condition, piper know that wi could not use the back road therefore wi could not have trafic goin back down the main road an it was hard to come up to cochrane on low cars, an its still the same up to today

    • peepingtom2 says:

      How can “bad roads” be the reason for cancelling the fetsival when in fact the festival has already been successfully held in times when the road was in worse condition?!! Mr, Piper is corrrect in pointing this out. Unfortunately, so far no one can argue against this.

      • Joke u making says:

        when last have you driven on cochrane road? How long has the Hazard tapelines been there? Why are they there? You should have rectified these before you posted your comment.

  4. JESSICA says:

    ping pong politics

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