August 27, 2014

Taxi operators participate in refresher course

Coordinator of the program and Chief Executive officer of the Combine Taxi Incorporated, Margel Durand

Coordinator of the program and Chief Executive officer of the Combine Taxi Incorporated, Margel Durand

Over 100 taxi drivers and operators in Dominica are expected to provide better service to visitors when the 2013/2014 tourist season opens here in October.

They are currently participating in the annual Refreshers Training Program organized by the Combine Taxi Incorporated at the Dominica Grammar School.

According to the coordinator of the program, chief executive officer of the Combine Taxi Incorporated, Margel Durand, the objective is to provide taxi drivers and operators with an opportunity to improve their knowledge so as to deliver quality service to visitors to the island.

The Refreshers Training Program will explore topics like conflict management, customer service, Dominica’s heritage sites and planning and executing a hike on the Waitukubuli National Trail and the structure of the education system in Dominica.

“The first group started on the 30th of July and the sessions are being conducted on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s, so basically each group has about five sessions,” Mr Durand said in an interview with Dominica Vibes on Friday, 9th August.

He noted that so far the program has been going on well and the participants will be awarded certificates at the end of the program.

Mr Durand stated further that the training is significant to deal with some of the issues affecting the tourism industry where visitors are concerned.

“Tourism is a dynamic thing and it is a very sensitive industry as well and when people come to Dominica, we notice they come with a whole shopping list and they want to visit how many sites per day”.

It is therefore imperative that the driver knows something about each site on the island.

“So when we do the refresher course the topics chosen is based on questions asked by the visitors,” he said.

Mr Durand is hopeful that the training will assist the participants in being able to always deliver quality service because taxi operators are being blamed for the decrease in tourist ship calls to the island.

“We are hoping to develop a cadre of professional taxi drivers and operators on island who can actually deliver service which equates to value for money,” he stated.

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