August 22, 2014

UWP appeals to supporters for financial support

(L-R): Senator Ronald Green and Maynard Joseph

The United Workers Party (UWP) has made an urgent appeal to supporters for financial assistance required to pay legal fees.

UWP filed two election petitions against Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Education Minister Petter Saint Jean claiming that they contested the 2009 general elections illegally as they were holders of French passports.

On January 10th, 2012 Justice Gertel Thom dismissed these petitions on the basis that the petitioners did not present sufficient evidence to the Court to prove that the Members of Parliament contested the general elections illegally.

The UWP officials expressed disappointment with the ruling and proceeded to file an appeal.

“A notice of appeal has been filed in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court on 17th February, 2012 and this is in regard to an appeal against the decision contained in the order of the 10th of January, 2012,” Senator Green told Dominica Vibes News on March 2nd, 2012.

“This Notice of Appeal cites findings of law which are being challenged, findings of fact which are being challenged and there are grounds for the appeal and we expect the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court to give a decision on the matter sometime this year. Our lawyers are optimistic and we are looking forward to getting justice at the highest court,” he further stated.

The Court of Appeal has granted the appeal and it will be heard on November 13th.

UWP President Edison James during a recent public meeting held by the party in Lagoon, Roseau announced that they require funds for legal fees.

“So we want the money ladies and gentlemen. Friday, 15th [14th] I think, if we do not have the money then I’m afraid that we’re not likely to have that case heard”

He urged them to “dig deep, dig deep” into their pockets and made a contribution to this pertinent matter.

“This is our constitution, this is our country, it is for the poor, it is for the meek, it is for the rich, it is for the middle class, it’s for the upper class, it is for the side class, it is for the no class. This is our issue, every one of you”.

They were advised to this website to make a contribution, or visit the party’s headquarters in Roseau, or contact him on (767) 235 3804.

During the public meeting the party was able to raise $1470.00 to add to $40, 000.00 which was already collected.

The total amount required is EC$50, 000.00

Dominica Vibes News


  1. Just saying says:

    Dominicans doing well man. UWP raised $4,1470.00. UWP have plenty support man. raisnign $1, 470.00 a ttheir meeting. Skerrit better watch out for that demonstration on the 17th. I guess the next donnation request will be for the case that will challenge the election of a new president.

    • Red Clinic says:

      Is all of all u so that staying hungry to give them donation…or some of all u going to the RED CLINIC to beg Skerrit and then turn around and bad mouth him. So tell UWP go to the RED CLINIC for money to pay their legal fees

  2. Anonymous says:


    I well want a donation where I am there, zor belle las.

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