August 28, 2014

Young men urged to get involved in theatre production

Alex Bruno: Photo courtesy: Alex Bruno

Play writer Alex “Pawol” Bruno has issued a call for more men to get involved in theatre production and performance.

Bruno, who is the play writer and director of Teyat Pawol International, told Dominica vibes News that there is a dire need for men in theatre.

According to him the organization consists of over twenty females and just three males, and that’s just “not good enough”.

“We are looking for men who are interested in performing to join our group so that we can get them trained. We however place strong emphasis on younger people. We do mind working with people with experience but we want to train a cadre of new people from ten years up”.

Bruno said there is a set criteria by which one must abide.

“We are looking for children who are well behaved, their grades at school must be good, their behavior must be intact, willing to work hard and they must not be in problem with the law or anything”.

Bruno latest theatrical presentation “The Obeah Man” featured 14 year old Tyiska Williams and 16 year old Leon Prince – Charles students of the Dominica Grammar School.

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  1. slim says:

    Dominicas does make me vex wi pal.. small minded ppl

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why are some of our people so naïve? What’s gay about this. I swaer almost any where in the caribbean world at far young males will be jumping on this. Its not only an opportunity to do something positive but to be exposed to so man aspects in life. So of you really have to travel. Some of the very people you model on TV as youth were involved in stuff like that but what would you narrow minds know. This I Brilliant Mr. Alex Bruno. Continue making Dominica proud home abd abroad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    SMH….Sometimes I wish our people read more books. Sometimes I wish our people travelled more. Sometimes I wish our people watched more educational programs on t.v. rather than soap operas and REtv. *Sighs* …the mere idea that Dominicans believe that drama/dance is for gay men…it just boggles my mind.

  4. apple b's says:

    chups. that too gay

    • Great initiative says:

      Oh QUIET!!!

      This is a great initiative as young people these days NEED positive things to engage themselves in.

      Why don’t you propose ideas?


  5. Blue Jay says:

    i just think men in theatre is so kinda ammmmmmm. lets just say, i dont see my man doing that sort of stuff

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